marți, 18 august 2009

Old Dogs - Trailer

John Travolta, Robin Williams, Justin Long, Matt Dillon, Seth Green...legendary

Boobs of the day - Yes, please, I want to have your children

The Haunted World of El Superbeasto - Trailer

direct pe video prin even has Captain Spaulding

The Collector - Trailer

pe coloana sonora a acestui film se gaseste melodia de mai jos

Nico Vega - Beast

Noul meu play-list

Pentru ce am descoperit saptamana trecuta, factorul moral este Alex, care a gasit site-ul asta. Insa peste aceste adevarate comori eu am dat.

Articolul incepe asa:

Your grandparents are full of crap.

As they grumble about how rap music is destroying civilization, what they don't mention is that the blues they were listening to in the 30s and 40s could be every bit as violent, sexually explicit and sometimes just downright insane as the worst gansta rap has to offer. Compared to some of these vintage lyrics the members of N.W.A are levelheaded concerned citizens, and Eminem's a regular damned feminist.
Si continua cu descrierea unor piese de blues absolut... nu unice, ca-s mai multe asa, dar mai mult decat interesante.

Se incepe cu Skip James care in anii '20 isi varsa amarul in cantece si povestea el cum i-ar placea sa transeze o femeie in 2...

Sometimes she gets unruly;
An she act like she just don't wanna do;
But I get my 22-20;
I cut that woman half in two;

Misto nu? Ce femeie nu i-ar pica la picioare unui asemenea trubadur? Una care probabil e inca intr-o singura bucata.

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