vineri, 28 decembrie 2007

Boobs of the day - Hollie Bowerman

Am reinstalat Windows-ul, am fost de Craciun la parintii lui Adi, am ajuns si pe la maica-mea apoi, lots of eating, no writing on the blog, no watching movies, no fucking, no drinking, no nothing (I felt like a nun, during this period of time (yes, a nun, not a monk, because as we all know, monks do get some action on the side from time to time, little boys or true believers)) auzit de tipa asta pana acum, dar mi-a placut ce am vazut...
via Bastardly

Will continue tomorrow with pictures of the Just Recently Past Christmas, maybe some movie reviews (Death Sentence, Saw 4, Gone Baby Gone, I Am Legend), maybe things I saw in real life (real people :D)

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