sâmbătă, 14 februarie 2009

Michael Malloy - The man who could not be killed

Realizing it was unlikely that anything Malloy ingested was going to kill him, the Murder Trust decided to freeze him to death. On a night when temperatures reached -14 degrees Fahrenheit (-26 °C), Malloy drank until he passed out, was carried to a park, dumped in the snow, and had five gallons (19 L) of water poured on his bare chest. (The gang had successfully used a similar method on their first victim the previous year.) Nevertheless, Malloy reappeared the following day for his drink. The next attempt on his life came when they hit him with Green's taxi, moving at 45 miles per hour (72 km/h). This put Malloy in the hospital for three weeks. The gang presumed he was dead, but were unable to collect the policy on him.

cine vrea sa continue lectura, poate face asta pe wikipedia

cum nu s-a facut film dupa viata unui asemenea om, I will never know...sa supravietuiesti la atatea atentate asupra vietii tale este incredibil...si omul avea vreo 60 de ani

no worries, my Internet history at work right now has logs that look like this: serial killers, mass murderers, war criminals, cult killings...interesting stories :D

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