joi, 22 noiembrie 2007


* Developing a fetish for dark-haired girls (raven-like hair is gorgeous right now)
* Dexter killed (literally) in the last episode and it was a great episode
* Anglia a ramas acasa...thank you, thank you God...Rooney, Gerrard, Lampard, Terry = way too overrated...Terry and Lampard can be great sometimes for Chelsea and rarely for England, Rooney and Gerrard suck ass
* Bah cate liceence in 41 zilnic...I am getting blue balls from standing next to them (just kiddin')
* Referitor la Anglia - Croatia 2-3, bah cat de prosti sunt comentatorii de la intrec pana si pe retarzii de la pro tv....sut in cros, beckham se va duce la hollywood si va face un film dupa o centrare buna, laudau extrafenomental anglia pentru ca dupa golul croatilor sa ii laude pe croati si sa zica ca joaca pt masinile rusilor...ratati

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